The West and China Since 1500

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The West and China Since 1500 surveys Western relations with and attitudes towards China since sustained contact and desirable trading began with the great alternative culture in the sixteenth century. The experiences of traders, diplomats and missionaries are surveyed and illustrated by frequent quotations from contemporary sources. In addition the book explores the flow of cultural influences in both directions, and changes in Western opinion about China from admired model, to disdained 'land of the eternal standstill', to feared resurgent power. Finally, the author examines current issues in dispute such as Taiwan and human rights.


Preface Introduction A Wide World Apart, with Differing Views of Heaven and Earth Coming Together, Rather Slowly and On China's Terms (1500-1800) Closer Encounters, on the West's Terms (1800-1900) Hither and Thither, In Search of Comfortable Common Ground (1900-2001) Conclusion: Peering Ahead, Uncertainly Notes Bibliography Index


JOHN S. GREGORY retired from the Department of History at Latrobe University, Australia in 1985. In retirement he has lectured to many universities on the Third Age which prompted him to write this book. His previous publications deal with Western reactions to the Taiping movement in China, and Church-State relations in Australia.


'Professor Gregory's book is a profound and innovative reassessment of Sino-Foreign relations between 1500 and the present. It will be welcomed alike by experts, students and the critical public. The long perspective wide-screen approach provides new insights into the specific contributions of diplomats, business people and missionaries. Old problems are reappraised in the light of both the best recent detailed scholarship and of Professor Gregory's own original overview. I feel sure this book will enjoy wide success.' - S.A.M. Adshead 'The West and China since 1500 is an extraordinary part of world history. This well-sculptured account by someone who has taught that history with loving care over many years is filled with insight and deep understanding. It provides an excellent background to the remarkable revival of China today.' - Wang Gungwu, Director, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore 'It is a scrupulously meticulous, balanced history... Engrossingly informative, Gregory comprehensively explores the West's policies, practices and attitudes...' - Bill Deane, The Canberra Times
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