Industrial Plasma Engineering

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Provides the theoretical background and a description of plasma-related devices and processes that are used industrially for physicists and engineers. Acting as an introduction to the principles of plasma engineering, this book gives the terminology, jargon and acronyms used in the field of industrial plasma engineering.


Introduction: Organization of text; Long-term global energy issues; The social role of industrial plasma engineering; Important definitions; Historical development of plasma physics and engineering; Plasma physics regimes and issues; Professional interactions in plasma science. The kinetic theory of gases: Measurement of high vacuum; Particle distribution functions; Particle collisions; Kinetic characteristics in the hard-sphere model; Direct transport phenomena. Motion of charges in electric and magnetic fields: Charged particle motion in electric fields; Charged particle motion in magnetic fields; Charged particle motion in steady electric and magnetic fields; Charged particle motion in slowly varying electric or magnetic fields; Relativistic charged particle motion; Theory of planar diodes; Relativistic planar diode; Theory of cylindrical diodes. Characteristics of plasma: Bulk properties of plasma; Quasi-neutrality of plasma; Electrostatic Boltzmann (barometric) equation; Simple electrostatic plasma sheaths; Plasma frequency; Saha equation; Diffusive transport in plasmas; Electron collision frequency; Low pressure electrical discharge; Plasma power supplies. Electron sources and beams: Thermionic emission sources; Photoelectric emission sources; Field emission sources; Hollow cathode sources; Secondary electron emission sources; Source and beam characteristics; Charged particle beam transport. Ion sources and beams: Characteristics of ion sources; Figures of merit of ion sources; Ion source performance parameters; Ion source design; Kaufman ion source; Penning discharge sources; Beam-plasma ion sources; Von Ardenne ion sources; Freeman ion source; Miscellaneous ion sources; Surface ionization sources. Ionizing ratiation sources: Non-relativistic cyclotron; Relativistic cyclotron; Relativistic betatron; The synchrotron; Inductive spherical pinch; Resistive spherical pinch; Plasma focus. Dark electrical discharges in gases: Background ionization; Saturation regime; Townsend regime; Corona discharges; Corona sources; Electrical breakdown. DC electrical glow discharges in gases: Phenomenology of DC glow discharges; Theory of DC glow discharges; Theory of moving striations; Theory of DC plasma sheaths; DC glow discharge plasma sources; Characteristics of glow discharge reactors; Issues of glow discharge physics. DC electrical arc discharges in gases: The arc regime; Phenomenology of electrical arcs; Physical processes in electrical arcs; Examples of arc operation; Power supplies for electrical arcs; Initiating mechanisms for arcs; Applied arc configurations; Issues in arc physics. Inductive RF electrical discharges in gases: Introduction; Phenomenology of RF-plasma interactions; Skin depth of plasma; Inductive plasma torch; Other methods of generating inductive plasmas. Capacitative RF electrical discharges in gases: Unmagnetized capacitive RF electrical discharges; Magnetized capacitive RF electrical discharges; Theory of RF plasma sheaths; Capacitively coupled RF plasma sources; Examples of capacitive RF plasma reactors; Issues in capacitively coupled reactors; Applications of capacitively coupled reactors. Microwave electrical discharges in gases: Introduction; Electromagnetic propagaion in the collective regime; Microwave breakdown of gases; ECR microwave plasma sources; Non-resonant microwave plasma sources. Appendices: Nomenclature; Physical constants; Useful formulas. Index.


I enjoyed reading the book and recommend it highly to others as a clearly written, well-illustrated and very informative text, which brings up to date the material in several older 'classics Fusion Technology ed reading the book and recommend it highly to others as a clearly written, well-illustrated and very informative text, which brings up to date the material in several older 'classics Fusion Technology
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