Regional Frequency Analysis: An Approach Based on L-Moments

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Extreme environmental events, such as floods, droughts, rainstorms, and high winds, have severe consequences for human society. Regional frequency analysis helps to solve the problem of estimating the frequency of these rare events at one site by using data from several sites. This book is the first complete account of the L-moment approach to regional frequency analysis. Regional Frequency Analysis comprehensively describes the theoretical background to the subject, is rich in practical advice for users, and contains detailed examples that illustrate the approach. This book will be of great value to hydrologists, atmospheric scientists and civil engineers, concerned with environmental extremes.


Preface; 1. Regional frequency analysis; 2. L-moments; 3. Screening the data; 4. Identification of homogeneous regions; 5. Choice of a frequency distribution; 6. Estimation of the frequency distribution; 7. Performance of the regional L-moment algorithm; 8. Other topics; 9. Examples; Appendix; References; Index of notation.


'The book is an excellent treatise on a practical approach to environmental data analysis. It is logically organized to correspond to the routine steps a researcher would (or should) follow in analyzing data. Hosking and Wallis have described a complex subject in a simple and logical manner that can be understood by both the layman and the expert. Their arguments are theoretical and intuitive, and are supported by numerous examples, figures, and references. I highly recommend this book for all analysts not only for the L-moment approach, but for the practical, conceptual and philosophical concerns that are inherent to all analyses of environmental data.' Nathaniel B. Guttman, Bulletin of the American Meteorology Society 'In summary, this is an excellent book written by leading researchers in the field. It is worthy of reading by any investigator studying or working in the applied theory of extremes. I hope that this book will become a standard text or reference for graduate students and professionals (e.g. hydrologists, atmospheric scientists and civil engineers) concerned with environmental extremes.' Neyko M. Neykov, The Statistician 'The book is recommended for researchers in atmospheric and hydrological sciences for its careful approach to frequency analysis, its good introduction to L-moments, and its comprehensive appendix.' Martin Ehrendorfer, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics ' ... this is an excellent book written by leading researchers in the field.' Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
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