Twentieth-Century Choral Music: An Annotated Bibliography of Music Suitable for Use by High School Choirs

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This is a critical bibliography of choral compositions accessible to the high school choir, representing major composers and stylistic trends during this century. The 1990 edition of the bibliography includes over 360 titles, providing a convenient sourcebook for secondary school choral directors, choral methods classes, and collegiate choral directors to use in building repertoire for their programs.


J. Perry White (BM, Rhodes College, Memphis; MME, Florida State; Ph.D., choral literature, University of Iowa) is Director of Music, McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church, Norman, OK. He previously taught at the secondary, college, and university levels for seventeen years, has published several editions of anthems from the English Baroque, and has contributed articles to professional music journals.


Reasonably priced and thoughtfully written, this guide will be useful to most high school music programs. It will also be helpful in many college and church music collections. American Reference Books Annual This is a dream of a reference book for choral directors from junior high through college and for directors of community choruses...belongs in music, high school and academic, and in some public libraries...could also find a place in choral directors' own libraries or where sheet music is sold. Booklist ...succinctly written...the integrity with which White has pursued his goal...very useful... The Diapason
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