Electrical Stimulation and Electropathology

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A unique reference of human response to short-term electrical exposure, covering fundamental principles, specific human responses, and electrical safety.


List of contributors; Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Impedance and current distribution; 3. Electrical principles of nerve and muscle function; 4. Excitation models; 5. Electrical properties of the heart Hermann Antoni; 6. Cardiac sensitivity to electrical stimulation; 7. Sensory responses to electrical stimulation; 8. Skeletal muscle response to electrical stimulation James D. Sweeney; 9. Stimulation via electric and magnetic fields; 10. High-voltage and high-current injuries Michael A. Chilbert; 11. Standards and protective measures Walter Skuggevig; References; Index.


"...will no doubt become the standard text on the effects of short-term electrical exposures, both intended and accidental." Micro Wave News "The book is well written and easy to read. It contains excellent medical illustrations, and the author does an exceptional job in annotating equations, tables, figures, and graphs, and relating their significance to the physical systems under excellent reference which will be particularly useful to the engineer, medical scientist, or health professional working with electrical medical devices. Also, this book will make a good secondary classroom text for most graduate and undergraduate bioinstrumentation courses." William Nau, Engineering in Medicine and Biology
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