The London Stage, 1950-1959: A Calendar of Plays and Players

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Juni 1993



These highly praised day-by-day calendars of plays produced at the major London theatres cover all the big productions and names, revivals of the classics, and opera and ballet productions. J. P. Wearing lists each production in chronological arrangement of playbills, with full production and contemporary review information for each play and including comprehensive indexes.


J.P. Wearing (Ph.D., University of Wales) is an internationally known theatre historian. In addition to this series, he is the author of American and British Theatrical Biography: A Directory (Scarecrow, 1979) and co-author and editor of other volumes of theatre research.


...valuable... Literary Research Guide Scrupulous and superb. Ballet Review ...a major reference work for our century. Literary Research chocked full of information American performing arts researchers should be aware of it even if they think the London stage has nothing to do with their work. The cultural link between New York and London is so strong, the exchange of performers and productions so common, little else needs to be written about it...monumental ongoing series is one of the best examples I can point to of how modern theatrical research should be done. There's no better source for the London Stage... The Big Reel ...various indexes provide for easy access...Anyone researching the career of a film personality who made occasional British stage appearances cannot afford to be without this volume- and, of course, it is an absolute "must" for students and scholars of the theater. Classic Images Wearing's calendars are important contributions to scholarship, providing the raw material for work in social and cultural history...Good scholarship and good browsing for all. CHOICE
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