A Manual of Adverse Drug Interactions

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For twenty years this book, now in its 5th edition, has provided information on adverse drug interactions that is unrivalled in coverage and scholarship.
Adverse drug reactions, many of them ascribable to interactions with other drugs or with chemical substances in food or the environment, are thought to cause or complicate one in twenty of hospital admissions.The book is conveniently divided into two parts: Part 1 comments on drug interactions and their mechanisms, on a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic level, while Part 2 consists of drug interaction tables, divided and subdivided into categories of disorders, and the drugs used in the treatment of these disorders.If safety in drugs is to improve, education of prescribers is vitally important. This book, with its up-to-date and coordinated approach, serves that purpose well. The real threat, as the authors remind us, is the ignorance of practitioners, not the drug itself. The volume is therefore an essential addition to the shelves of those responsible for the prescription of drugs, in order to prevent a potential backlash when used in combination with other drugs or chemical substances.


Part 1. commentary on drug interactions and their mechanisms: Introduction: A widening problem. A. Pharmacokinetic drug interactions. 1. Drug-drug and nutrient-drug interactions at the absorption site. 2. Drug interactions at plasma and tissue binding sites. 3. Drug interactions and drug metabolizing enzymes. 4. Interactions involving renal excretory mechanisms. B. Pharmacodynamic drug interactions. 5. Drug-drug interactions at the receptor and other active sites. 6. Drug interactions in vitro. 7. Age and genetic factors. 8. Herbal and other non-orthodox medicines. 9. Interference with laboratory testing. Part 2. drug interaction tables: 1. Drug interactions with agents used to treat gastrointestinal disease. Section I. Interactions with agents used to treat peptic ulceration and other gastrointestinal disorders. Section II. Drugs affecting gastrointestinal motility. Section III. Drugs used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases. 2. Drug interactions with agents used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. 2.1 Cardiac drugs. 2.2 Antihypertensives. 2.3 Anticoagulants and fibrinolytic agents. 2.4 Lipid lowering agents. 2.5 Diuretics. 3. Drug interactions with agents used in respiratory disease. 3.1 Sympathomimetic amines. 3.2 Theophylline and derivatives. 3.3 Antihistamines. 4. Drug interactions with agents used in the treatment of CNS disorder. 4.1 Drugs used in schizophrenia and related psychoses. 4.2 Drugs used in the treatment of depressive illness. 4.3 Lithium salt. 4.4 Drugs used in the treatment of epilepsy. 4.5 Drugs used in the treatment of parkinsonism. 5. Drug interactions with antimicrobial agents. 5.1 Aminoglycosides. 5.2 Cephalosporins and related beta-lactam antibiotics. 5.3 Chloramphenicol and thiamphenicol. 5.4 Clindamycin. 5.5 Fusidic acid. 5.6 Glycopeptide antibiotics. 5.7 Imidazole antibacterials. 5.8 Macrolide antibiotics. 5.9 Nitrofurans. 5.10 Penicillins. 5.11 Polymyxins. 5.12 Quinolones. 5.13 Sulphonamide. 5.14 Tetracyclines. 5.15 Trimethoprim. 5.16 Antituberculous agents. 5.17 Antifungal agents. 5.18 Antiviral agents. 6. Drug interactions with agents used to treat endocrine disorders. 6.1 Drugs used in diabetes. 6.2 Corticosteroids. 6.3 Drugs used in osteoporosis. 7. Drug interactions with oral contraceptives. 8. Drug interactions with agents used in immunosuppression and cancer chemotherapy. 8.1 Immunosuppressants. 8.2 Antineoplastic agents. 9. Drug interactions with aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-infammatory agents. 9.1 Aspirin. 9.2 Other NSAIDs. 10. Drug interactions with vaccines and interferon. 11. Drug interactions with agents used in anaesthesia. 11.1 Local anaesthetics. 11.2 Skeletal muscle relaxants. 12. Drug interactions with herbal remedies. 13. Drug interaction with medicinal plastics. 14. Drug interactions with alcohol. 15. Nutrient-drug interactions. 16. Recent and unconfirmed drug interactions.


J. Mucklow ...As a reference book, Griffin & Darcy is a tour de is not simply a catalogue; they have preserved a critical perspective throughout, distinguishing between interactions that are of clinical significance, and those that are not. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology R. Bass ...this book, now in it's fifth edition, has provided information on adverse drug interactions, that is unrivalled in coverage and scholarship. Adverse Drug Reactions and Toxicological Reviews Vol.16, No. 4 P. Sanghani ...The review is presented in a format which continues to appeal to the scientist and practitioner. ...This expert text is comprehensively referenced and should prove popular with its fine layout and prudent content. International Journal of Pharmaceutics
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