Directing Ecological Succession

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September 1990



The author maintains that any attempt to manage plant communities will be successful only if based on site-specific research and current ecological theories. In this study he outlines a general model of successional management and then applies it to a variety of management techniques.


Succession management - an introduction; obtaining information on succession; plant populations - growth, decline and persistence during succession; methods of managing succession - plant and plant part removal; methods of managing succession - changing resource availability; methods of managing succession - changing propagule availability; animals and succession; ecological succession - changes due to animal activities; a landscape perspective; information systems for prediction and decision-making.


...a mine of information on many different habitats and types of organism an so it will be of interest and use to most conservationists... British Ecological Society Bulletin; ...short readable book..up-to-date conceptual framework..may be the best in textbook form since by Miles..provides much practical advice..rarely are managers given such a proper foundation for the practical advice they are given..There is a great deal of wisdom in this little a very successful essay at applying ecological theory.. TREE
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