Propaganda and Democracy: The American Experience of Media and Mass Persuasion

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August 2005



Propaganda and Democracy is the first comprehensive study on the relationship of propaganda to participatory democracy in the United States during the twentieth century. The muckrakers were the first critics to question whether the standard practices of communication industries, such as advertising and public relations, undermined the ability of citizens to gather enough reliable information in order to participate meaningfully in society. The communication industry has countered that propaganda merely circulates socially useful information in an efficient manner and, further, that propaganda is harmless to democracy because of competition and professional codes. Agreeing that propaganda is neutral, quantitative social scientists justify their own efforts to render persuasion more effective through experimental and survey research. Still others argue whether citizens can intelligently discuss anything without a formal education in critical analysis. This study critically examines these various schools of thought in an effort to determine and understand the contribution and effects of propaganda in a democratic society.


1. Discovering propaganda; 2. The progressive propaganda critics; 3. Different lessons I: managed democracy; 4. Different lessons II: protecting the public; 5. Propaganda analysis, incorporated; 6. Propaganda for democracy; 7. The new communication - or the old propaganda?


"Sproule's scholarship is impeccable, and he offers perspectives on the field that I had never previously conceived." Journal of Communications
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