An Introduction to Science Studies: The Philosophical and Social Aspects of Science and Technology

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Professor Ziman provides a coherent account of the different perspectives on science and technology that are normally studied under various disciplinary heads such as philosophy of science, sociology of science, and science policy. It is intended for students embarking on courses in these subjects and assumes no special knowledge of any science. It is written in a direct and simple style, and technical language is seldom introduced. It will appeal to students in a wide range of scientific disciplines and complements Professor Ziman's earlier books.


Preface; 1. 'Academic' science; 2. Research; 3. Validity; 4. Communication; 5. Authority; 6. Rules and norms; 7. Change; 8. The sociology of scientific knowledge; 9. Science and technology; 10. Pure and applied science; 11. Collectivized science; 12. R & D organizations; 13. The economics of research; 14. Science and the State; 15. The scientist in society; 16. Science as a cultural resource; Index.


'Professor Ziman is an excellent guide in these matters ... As an introductory map of the terrain, the book is clear and accurate. Each chapter is followed by a carefully chosen but not daunting long annotated reading list.' Times Higher Education Supplement 'Ziman's book is a tour de force ... It would make a fine textbook for an introductory course in a science, technology, and society program.' Science
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