Visions of the Future: Physics and Electronics

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Juli 2001



Leading young scientists give engaging reviews of their research areas and exciting visions of future developments.


Preface J. M. T. Thompson; Part I. Quantum Physics, Relativity and Consciousness: 1. Night thoughts of a quantum physicist Adrian Kent; Part II. Quantum Physics in the Laboratory: 2. Metals without electrons: the physics of exotic quantum fluids Derek K. K. Lee and Andrew J. Schofield; 3. Atom optics: matter and waves in harmony W. L. Power; Part III. Electronics for the Future: 4. Quantum electronics: beyond the transistor Alexander Giles Davies; 5. Spin electronics Michael Ziese; 6. Polymer electronics I. D. W. Samuel; Part IV. Exotic Computing and New Microchips: 7. Quantum-enhanced information processing M. Mosca, R. Jozsa, A. Steane and A. Ekert; 8. Magnets, microchips and memories R. P. Cowburn; Part V. Telecommunications and the Internet: 9. Optical networks: making light work in the battle for bandwidth Polina Bayvel; 10. Control and pricing of the internet Richard Gibbens.


'... you can't deny the excitement the writers felt for what they are doing; and in these secular times such excitement must serve to replace the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom.' Sir Brian Pippard, Times Higher Education Supplement
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