The Kinematics of Mixing: Stretching, Chaos, and Transport

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This is the first book to present a unified treatment of the mixing of fluids from a kinematical viewpoint.


Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction; 2. Flow, trajectories and deformation; 3. Conservation equations, change of frame, and vorticity; 4. Computation of stretching and efficiency; 5. Chaos in dynamical systems; 6. Chaos in Hamiltonian systems; 7. Mixing and chaos in two-dimensional time-periodic flows; 8. Mixing and chaos in three-dimensional and open flows; 9. Epilogue: diffusion and reaction in lamellar structures and microstructures in chaotic flows; Appendix; List of frequently used symbols; References; Author index; Subject index.


"...succeeds admirably in conveying the author's perspective on mixing and its relationship to a wider range of topics in flow analysis. Kinematics of Mixing: Stretching, Chaos, and Transport is highly recommended as a reference for researchers interested in the dynamics of complex flow fields." Applied Mechanics Review "...this book has a number of unique and attractive features. The contents of the book constitute a trove of information that will be relished by the student of mixing. At this stage, the book must be considered as required reading for academic and industrial researchers in all disciplines involved with fluid mixing." R.E. Rosenweig, AIChE Journal "The book presents an up-to-date state of the art in this field, and, what is essential, is self-contained; it includes all necessary educational material at a suitable level of rigour. This makes the book suitable for a wide spectrum of readers, from specialists in chemical engineering to students of continuum mechanics...After reading this book many researchers will be stimulated to work out ways of applying these tools to their own problems...The book should be recommended to a wide audience of researchers, teachers and students." G. I. Barenblatt, Journal of Fluid Mechanics "...a well-organized and thorough treatment of a subject of substantial current research interest. It would be a good text for a specialized graduate course on the kinematic approach to mixing (probably in Chemical Engineering departments, where most of the research in this area occurs), or to bring new workers in the field up to speed." John de Bruyn, Physics in Canada
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