Domenico's Istanbul

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Januar 2001



Domenico was the name taken by a rabbi and doctor from Safed in Palestine on his conversion to Catholicism in 1593. For some ten years he served as Third Physician to Sultan Murad III. In 1611 he wrote or more accurately dictated his Relatione della gran Citta di Comstantinopli This is not just a topographical description of the city, but also an account of its inhabitants and the regulations governing their lives, of how the Sultan spent his time, of the principles and practice of islam, and much more.


Introduction; Translation and notes (chapters 15); Commentary; Appendix I: the S. George manuscript; Appendix II: the plagiarists; Appendix III: additional sources; Index


Michael Austin, (19331992), studied Hebrew, Arabic and Turkish at Oxford before teaching in Istanbul for six years. He subsequently taught Turkish at the American University of Beirut before returning to Istanbul for a further four years. On his retirement from academic life he became an Anglican clergyman. Geoffrey Lewis is Professor Emeritus of Turkish at Oxford University and a trustee of the Gibb Memorial Trust.
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