Smallholder Cash Crop Production Under Market Liberation: A New Institutional Economics Perspective

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Juni 1998



Pro poor' economic growth is widely recognized as an important means for reducing poverty in developing countries. Agricultural intensification, together with increased integration in input and output markets, is a key aspect of this approach. This book uses a new institutional economics
perspective to review the effects of market liberalization on services to smallholder farmers. In many parts of the world, particularly in Sub-saharan Africa, the private sector has failed to fill the gaps left by the collapse of state supported input and credit supply systems. Using case studies
from Ghana, Tanzania and Pakistan, the book investigates the difficulties facing the private sector in supplying inputs and credit and the conditions required for sustainable private sector investment to the benefit of rural people. The analysis has important lessons for donor and government policy
makers and for companies wishing to make commercial investments. It is invaluable for researchers, academics and development agencies concerned with rural and agricultural economics and development.


A new institutional economics perspective on current policy debates; cotton production and marketing in northern Ghana - the dynamics of competition on a system interlocking transactions; the cashew sector in southern Tanzania - overcoming problems of input supply; cotton and wheat marketing and the provision of pre-harvest services in Sindh Province, Pakistan; conclusions - new institutional economics, policy debates and the research agenda.
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