Geocaching for Schools and Communities

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"Geocaching for Schools and Communities" includes 41 learning experiences for all ages. Take either a high-tech approach (using triangulation to locate latitudes and longitudes) or a low-tech approach (involving maps) to find a cache. Learn how to use GPS units, develop events and programs, and use the games as interdisciplinary learning experiences.


Chapter 1. Introduction to GeocachingChapter 2. High-Tech GeocachingChapter 3. Low-Tech GeocachingChapter 4. Basics of CachingChapter 5. Geocaching for Health-Related FitnessChapter 6. Beginning Experiences with GeocachingChapter 7. Advanced Experiences with GeocachingChapter 8. Developing a Geocaching Program


Peter Werner is a life member of AAHPERD and between 2000-2003 was senior editor of Teaching Elementary Physical Education. J.Kevin Taylor has vast experience with over 40 practitioner oriented professional presentations at National, State and Regional conferences for physical education and physical activity professionals.
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