A Distinctive Industrialization

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November 2003



A study of the development of Barcelona's cotton industry, bridging the 'pre-industrial' and early 'industrial' periods.


List of maps; List of tables; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations, languages, measures and monetary exchanges; 1. Introduction; 2. Catalan industry in the 'long term'; 3. The establishment of calico-printing in Barcelona; 4. Why did merchant capital move into the industry in the 1740s?; 5. The development of the industry in the 1750s and 1760s: adaptation to the requirements of 'merchant capital'; 6. The industry at its height, 1768-86, with investment in it as common as in drapers' shops; 7. Spinning; 8. The crisis of the fabrica: the industry from 1787 to 1832; 9. The Bonaplata mill and Catalan industrialization; Bibliography; Index.


'The part played by Barcelona and Catalonia in Spain's development has always been distinctive, and continues to be so; but there is virtually nothing in English on the subject, and J. K. J. Thomson's detailed study is a substantial and original contribution ... Thomson's monograph provides a well-balanced, long-term perspective constructed on a solid basis of fact: it is an exemplary study.' The Times Literary Supplement 'Among its other qualities, this work constitutes an exemplary history of business activity. The wealth of detail on the financial and operational structure of firms, the behaviour of entrepreneurs, the evolution of managerial skills and the nature of the work process is woven into the story with an awesome assurance. The range of themes illuminated is impressive. The deft employment of diverse source material is equally laudable.' Business History 'It is curious that the pioneering region in Spain's industrialization, Catalonia, has lacked a modern, comprehensive study of its early industrial growth ... J. K. J. Thomson has stepped in to fill this gap with a systematic survey of the force behind eighteenth-century Catalan industrial production, cotton textiles. The results are impressive.' James Amelang, American Historical Review 'Thomson's fascinating account is largely descriptive and chronological ... although there are constant references to what he sees as the four major conditioning factors on the industry's growth ... I found his scholarship impeccable, his style highly readable, and his knowledge of complex historiography amost unrivalled.' Joseph Harrison, Economic History Review 'Professor Thomson combines painstaking attention to archival data with strong collegial recognition of the excellent work which has advanced Catalan historiography about this period' Gary W McDonogh, Journal of Social History 'J. K. J. Thomson's book, which synthesizes his own work over many years and those of several other scholars, clearly aims at filling the void left Vilar, and will in all probability become the definitive book on the premodern stage of the industry for the foreseeable excellent piece of research and intelligent interpretation.' Gabriel Tortella, Journal of Economic History ' ... the book will appeal to a broad range of scholars interested in various aspects of the industrialization process.' Pamela Radcliff, Journal of Modern History
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Untertitel: Cotton in Barcelona 1728-1832. maps, tables, bibliography, index. Sprache: Englisch.
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