Banking in North America

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September 1999



Aims to present, analyse and discuss the evolution and outlook for financial services in North America, with special attention to the banking sector. This book addresses the theme within the context of the globalization of trade and financial services and the changes in domestic banking and regulatory policies in Canada, Mexico and the US.


The Editors. The Contributors. Acknowledgements. Introduction (J. Haar, K. Dandapani). Regional integration and trends in financial services (H.M. Makler). NAFTA and financial services: implications for banks (S. Lande et al.). The US banking industry in transition (J.R. Barth et al.). Canadian banking strategy in North America (J.L. Darroch). Internationalization of the Mexican financial market (I. Perrotini). Globalization of financial services: implications for competition in the North American market (C. Palomares). Beyond NAFTA: banking trends in Latin America (E.N. Roussakis). Mexico and the IMF: regional banking crisis-global consequences (J.A. Adams Jr.). The effect of NAFTA on the entry of foreign banks in Mexico and the United States (S.E. Lucio, II). Conclusion (J. Haar, K. Dandapani). Author index. Subject index.
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