Designs, Graphs, Codes and Their Links

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September 1991



The three subjects of this book all began life in the provinces of applicable mathematics. Design theory originated in statistics (its name reflects its initial use, in experimental design); codes in information transmission; and graphs in the modeling of networks of a very general kind (in the first instance, the bridges of Konigsberg). All three have since become a part of mainstream discrete mathematics.


1. Design theory; 2. Strongly regular graphs; 3. Graphs with least eigenvalue -2; 4. Regular two-graphs; 5. Quasi-symmetric designs; 6. A property of the number 6; 7. Partial geometries; 8. Graphs with no triangles; 9. Codes; 10. Cyclic codes; 11. The Golay codes; 12. Reed-Muller codes; 13. Self-dual codes and projective plane; 14. Quadratic residue codes and the Assmus-Mattson theorem; 15. Symmetry codes over F3; 16. Nearly perfect binary codes and uniformly packed codes; 17. Association schemes.
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