Globalization, Trade and Foreign Direct Investment

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Examines the impact of globalization on the competitiveness of a variety of regions and countries. This work analyzes the interface between trade, FDI flows, and the activities of MNE's. It also deals with the consequences of globalization, and the deepening of cross-border economic relationships, on the policies of national governments.


Contributors. Preface. Part I: Globalization and Developed Economies. Globalization and international competitiveness (D. Salvatore). International trade and FDI: the interface (H.P. Gray). Regional trade blocks and foreign direct investment flows and stocks (P. Collins). The European internal market and inbound foreign direct investment (J.H. Dunning). Economic policy, MNE competitiveness and local content: an application of the Lecraw Morrison framework (V.A. Taylor). Outward direct investment orientation, structural adaptability and economic revival: a case study of New Zealand (S. Castello). Part II: Globalization and Developing Economies. Some consequences of globalization for developing countries (E. Gundlach, P. Nunnenkamp). Determinants of outward Taiwanese foreign direct investment 1965-93 (Yingshing Lin, M. Szenberg). Determinants of inter-Asian direct investment flows (M. Kreinin et al.). Trade and production networks of US MNE's and exports by their Asian affiliates (R.E. Lipsey). Foreign direct investment in Ghana's emerging market economy (K. Afriyie). Impact of trade and investment policies on economic transformation in East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America (M.R. Zaman). Third world multinationals revisited: new developments and theoretical implications (J.H. Dunning et al.). Author index. Subject index.
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