Nano and Giga Challenges in Microelectronics

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November 2003



The book is designed as an introduction for engineers and researchers wishing to obtain a fundamental knowledge and a snapshot in time of the cutting edge in technology research.
As a natural consequence, Nano and Giga Challenges is also an essential reference for the "gurus" wishing to keep abreast of the latest directions and challenges in microelectronic technology development and future trends. The combination of viewpoints presented within the book can help to foster further research and cross-disciplinary interaction needed to surmount the barriers facing future generations of technology design.
Key Features:
- Quickly becoming the hottest topic of the new millennium (2.4 billion dollars funding in US alone
- Current status and future trends of micro and nanoelectronics research
- Written by leading experts in the corresponding research areas - Excellent tutorial for graduate students and reference for "gurus"


1. Integrated Circuit Technologies: From Conventional CMOS to the nanoscale era (P. M. Zeitzoff, J. A. Hutchby, G. Bersuker, H. R. Huff). 2. Electronics Below 10 nm (K. Likharev). 3. Lithography: Concepts, Challenges, and Prospects (K. Lucas, S. Postnikov, C. Henderson, S. Hector). 4. Experimental Investigations of the Stability of Candidate Materials for High-K Gate Dielectrics in Silicon-Based MOSFETs (S. Stemmer and D. G. Schlom). 5. Defects in wide-gap oxides: Computer modelling and challenges (A. L Shluger, A. Foster). 6. Tunneling Through Single Molecules (J. Tomfohr, Jun Li, O. Sankey). 7. Practical Quantum Computing (P. M. Lenahan).
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