Managing Plant Genetic Diversity

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Dezember 2001



This book contains edited and revised papers from a conference on "Science and Technology for Managing Plant Genetic Diversity in the 21st Century" held in Malaysia in June 2000, organized by the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI). It includes keynote papers and some 40 additional ones, covering 10 themes. The major scientific challenges to developing a global vision for the next century are identified and key research objectives are also discussed.


Genomic sciences for a better understanding of genepools; technologies and strategies for ex situ conservation; the development and management of genetic in agrosystems; the role of bioinformatics in conservation and use; in situ conservation ofwild plant species; indicators for sustainable management of genetic resources; germplasm enhancement; exploring undersued species - diverse options; GIS applications for genetic resources management; the economics of managing genetic resources and the role of private and public sectors. (Part contents).


"Of course, everybody in the field of PGR management will have the book. It should be available in every Department of Conservation Biology, and I can highly recommend it as an excellent source on information on the field of PGR management for botanists in general."
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