Geology of Construction Materials

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Juni 1990



Part of a series, "Geology of Construction Materials" aims to show the connections between academic geology and the needs of the extractive industry.


Construction stone. Coarse aggregate. Fine aggregate. Structural clay products. Cement and concrete. Minor construction materials.


...Prentice's book fills a significant publishing gap. It should be available in all good academic and industrial geology libraries and can be recommended to any geologist needing a readable introduction to construction materials. - Geology Magazine; ...very useful book on a topic which is rarely covered in any depth. - Geological Journal; The book is one which I would recommend to students, ranging from A level up to degree level. It is well written, easy to read, something not always found in text books. - Mercian Geologist; ...useful to both undergraduates and to young graduates working in the extractive planners or others who may not feel too familiar with the geological or technical aspects of construction materials, this book should also prove a useful and practical introduction. - Mineral Planning
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