An Introduction to Sociology

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The third edition of An Introduction to Sociology, with major revisions to the text.


Foreword Audrey I. Richards; Author's preface to the third edition; Part I. Sociology: 1. What is sociology?; 2. Sociology and social anthropology; 3. What sociologists do; Part II. Social Institutions: 4. Kinship, marriage and the family; 5. Technology, economy and society; 6. Social class; 7. Aggression, conflict and social control; 8. Magic, religion and society; Notes; Index.


'This is a thoroughly sound and authoritative introduction to sociology written with a simple directness and clarity that is difficult in any subject and rare indeed in sociology. Care has been taken with the vocabulary and concepts are skilfully clarified. In consequence it is a work that can be genuinely recommended to an uninitiated reader, unlike many so-called introductory texts.' The Times Educational Supplement ' ... the sociological perspective takes on new gravity when familiar concepts like law, custom, legitimacy and authority are viewed in regard to the management of historically continuing social conflict. The African setting, in fact, gives the author's presentation of sociological variables the seriousness that one finds in such great thinkers as Plato, Hobbes, Marx and Weber - but not often in introductory text.' American Sociological Review
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