Virginia Woolf and the Literary Marketplace

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Januar 2011



These unique essays focus primarily on Woolf's non-fiction and considers her in the context of the modernist marketplace. With research based on new archival material, this volume makes important new contributions to the study of the 'gift economy.'


Introduction PART
I: WOOLF'S ENGAGEMENT WITH THE MARKETPLACE  Reading, Taking Notes, and Writing: Virginia Stephen's Reviewing Practice; B.R.Daugherty Accessing Woolf: From Book to Reader - Virginia Woolf's Roles in Hogarth Press Distribution; E.Gordon Circulating Ideas and Selling Periodicals: Leonard Woolf, the Nation and Athenaeum , and Topical Debate; E.Dickens Woolf's Editorial Self-Censorship and Risk-Taking in Jacob's Room ; V.Neverow Between Writing and Truth: Woolf's Positive Nihilism; J.McVicker PART
II: WOOLF'S RELATIONSHIP TO THE MARKETPLACE  How to Strike a Contemporary: Mansfield and Woolf on the Market; K.Macnamara Something of a Firebrand: Virginia Woolf and the Literary Reputation of Emily Brontë; H.Bean Virginia Woolf and Gertrude: Commerce, Bestsellers, and the Jew; K.Leick PART
III: WOOLF'S MARKETPLACE  Middles and Middlebrows: Virginia Woolf and the Market of the Familiar Essay; C.Pollentier Woolf Studies and Periodical Studies; P.Collier The 'Keystone Public' and Virginia Woolf: A Room of One's Own , Time and Tide, and Cultural Hierarchies; M.Sullivan 'Murdering an Aunt or two': Textual Practice and Narrative Form in Virginia Woolf's Metropolitan Market; J.Young PART
IV: MARKETING WOOLF The Grand Lady of Literature: Virginia Woolf in Italian Literary Periodicals under Fascism; E.Bolchi Virginia Woolf, Orlando , Milan, Mondadori, 1933; S.Villa Virginia Woolf and The Bookman ; Y.Uchida Don't Judge a Cover by Its Woolf: Book Cover Images and the Marketing of Virginia Woolf's Work; J-R.Falcetta


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