Tragedy and Biblical Narrative

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This is a book about tragedy as we confront it in texts rather than as we abstract it in theory. It considers selected narratives from the books of Judges, Samuel, and Kings, arguing that in them we encounter a vision of reality that can properly be called tragic.


Acknowledgements; About translations and transliterations; Part I. Biblical Narrative and the Tragic Vision; Part II. Saul: the Hostility of God: Excursus: hostile transcendence in the Samson story; Part III. Jephthah: the Absence of God: Excursus 1: The awful and sustaining power of words; Excursus 2: Jephthah and his daughter: a feminist reading; Part IV. The Fate of the House of Saul: Michal and Jonathan; Jonathan; Michal; Abner and Ishbosheth; Rizpah's vigil and the tragic end of the House of Saul; Part V. David: the Judgement of God; Afterword; Notes; Bibliography; Index of authors; Index of proper names; Index of citations.


'Exum is one interpreter who faces the dark side of biblical reality without flinching. With a refreshing fidelity to a tradition that struggles with the unintelligible and the contingent ... Exum demonstrates a remarkable literary sensitivity that delights the reader with a well-crafted work of deep insight.' Catholic Biblical Quarterly 'Exum's analysis of the Hebrew texts is subtle and penetrating.' Theology 'The book is excellent ... This is a book to read and reread and one which will make a big contribution to current literary readings of the Bible.' Biblical Interpretation 'Exum writes beautifully.' JSOT
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