Geographic Information Systems in Transportation Research

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Januar 2001



Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have revolutionized spatial planning and decision making. This work provides an overview of GIS for transportation, from data management issues, to data manipulation and analysis, including considerations brought to the forefront by real-time and mobile computing.


Selected papers: Preface (J.-C. Thill). Geographic information systems for transportation in perspective (J.-C. Thill). A geographic information system framework for transportation data sharing (K.J. Dueker, J.A. Butler). Map accuracy and location expression in transportation - reality and prospects (V. Noronha, M.F. Goodchild). A three-stage computational approach to network matching (D. Xiong). Some map matching algorithms for personal navigation assistants (C.E. White et al.). A query resolution engine to handle a path operator with multiple paths (M. Mainguenaud). Intermodal and international freight network modeling (F. Southworth, B.E. Peterson). A new framework for the integration, analysis and visualisation of urban traffic data within geographic information systems (C. Claramunt et al.). Modeling regional mobile source emissions in a geographic information system framework (W. Bachman et al.). Development and evaluation of a hybrid travel time forecasting model (J. You, T.J. Kim). Integration of the global positioning system and geographical information systems for traffic congestion studies (M.A.P. Taylor et al.). Performance measures and data requirements for congestion management systems (C.A. Quiroga). The effects of highway transportation corridors on wildlife: a case study of Banff National Park (S.M. Alexander, N.M. Waters). Spatial decision support system for hazardous material truck routing (W.C. Frank et al.).


A. Stewart Fotheringham ...very cannot help but be impressed with both the breadth and the quality of the papers. Transactions in GIS
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