Selected International Investment Portfolios

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This text addresses many of the issues which arise in the funding and settlement of cross-border financial transactions, covering a broad spectrum of the international finance issues encountered in global business operations.


Contributors. Preface. Part I: Global and Regional Markets. Developing comparable accounting information for global capital markets (A.M. Agami, T. McKee). Financial innovation in emerging markets: a framework for analysis (K.R. Jesswein). Part II: Theoretical Issues. A neural network categorization of stock markets (J.Roy, J-M. Suret). International vs. global mutual funds: multivariate analysis of historical performance (R. Solis). Asymmetric impact of news on asset prices and exchange rates: empirical evidence for balance of trade announcements (R. Aggarwal, D.C. Schirm). Part III: Investments. Evidence on the benefit of portfolio investment in emerging capital markets in Latin America (M.M. Islam, A.J. Rodriguez). Foreign direct investment and entry mode choice: the influence of factors related to information costs (M. Mutineli, L. Piscitello). Part IV: Foreign Exchange and Debt. A risk-adjusted examination of currency-futures speculation (J.A. Stocker, D.L. Rayome). Was the depreciation of the U.S. dollar an effective way to deter the U.S. intra-firm import in the 1980s? (Xiaohong He). Latin America's emerging markets: evidence on debt and equity returns (G. Goswami et al.). Ethical and economical affordability of developing nations' repayment of international debt (K.D. Parhizgar, K.R. Jesswein). Part V: National Studies. Announcement effects of foreign direct investment on stock prices of U.S. firms (D.L. Rayome, J.C. Baker). The spatial distribution of foreign-owned firms in the United States: the current state of knowledge (C.C. Coughlin). Cross-sectional distribution properties of financial ratios in Japanese food and transportation equipment manufacturing industries (G. Meric et al.). References. Author index. Subject index.
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