Constructing Christopher Marlowe

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Februar 2004



This collection focuses on key areas of contemporary debate in Marlowe studies.


List of illustrations; List of contributors; Editors' note; List of abbreviations; Introduction J. T. Parnell; 1. Marlowe: facts and fictions J. A. Downie; 2. Marlowe and the Rose Julian M. C. Bowsher; 3. Marlowe and the editors Richard Proudfoot; 4. Marlowe and the metaphysics of magicians Gareth Roberts; 5. Marlowe's 'theatre of cruelty' Janet Clare; 6. Marlowe onstage: the deaths of the author Lois Potter; 7. A bit of ruff: criticism, fantasy, Marlowe Simon Shepherd; 8. 'Writ in blood': Marlowe and the new historicists Richard Wilson; 9. Hero and Leander: the arbitrariness of desire Claude J. Summers; 10. Gender and voice in Hero and Leander Georgia E. Brown; 11. Marlowe's politic women Joanna Gibbs; 12. Edward II, Derek Jarman, and the state of English Lawrence Normand; Notes; Select bibliography of works cited; Index.


"...superb anthology...The collection is lucid and well-written throughout...Highly recommended for any library supporting the study of Renaissance drama at the upper-division undrgraduate level and above." Choice "the collection engages with marlowe in creative, provocative, and unexpected ways." Marlowe Society of America, Prize Committee "...a very carefully constructed collection..a beautifully written and often lively resource." Modern Philology
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