The Industrial Revolutions Volume 1: Pre-Industrial Britain

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This volume sets British development in its broad context and, in presenting the strong evidence of the extent and nature of its economic advance in the 17th and early-18th centuries. It provides the critical backgrond for the understanding of the late process of British industrialization.


General Editor's Introduction: R. A. Church and E. A. Wrigley. Introduction: J. A. Chartres. Part I: Background and Macroeconomic Perspective: 1. The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: the Dark Ages in English Economic History?: F. J. Fisher. 2. Economic History and Economic Underdevelopment: Barry E. Supple. 3. Agriculture and the Home Market for English Industry, 1660-1820: Patrick O'Brien. Part II: Agriculture: 4. Seventeenth-century Agriculture and Social Change: Joan Thirsk. 5. The Chronology of English Enclosure, 1500-1914: J. R. Wordie. 6. The Diffusion of Agricultural Innovations in Early Modern England: Turnips and Clover in Norfolk and Suffolk, 1580-1740: M. Overton. Part III: External Trade: 7. English Foreign Trade 1660-1700: R. Davis. 8. English Foreign Trade 1700-1774: R. Davis. 9. The Plantation Revolution and the Industrial Revolution, 1625-1775: Richard B. Sheridan. Part IV: Towns and Internal Trade: 10. A Simple Model of London's Importance in Changing English Society and Economy, 1650-2750: E. A. Wrigley. 11. Food Consumption and Internal Trade: J. A. Chartres. 12. Urban Improvements and the English Economy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: E. L. Jones and M. E. Falkus. Part V: Demographic Change and its Implications: 13. The Impact of Scarcity and Plenty on Population Change in England 1541-1871: Roger Schofield. 14. The Demographic Implications of Rural Industrialization: A Family Reconstitution Study of Shepshed, Leicestershire, 1600-2851: David Levine. 15. Migration in England during the Late Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries: Peter Clark. Part VI: Industry and Employment: 16. Industries in the Countryside: J. Thirsk. 17. The Proto-Industrial Family Economy: the Structural Function of Household and Family During the Transition from Peasant to Industrial Capitalism. 18. Labour in the English Economy of the seventeenth Century: D. C. Coleman. 19. Health, Work and Leisure before the Industrial Revolution: Herman Freudenberger and Gaylord Cummins. Part VII: Public and Private Finance: 20. London Private Bankers, 1720-1785: D. M. Joslin. 21. Credit in English Rural Society before the Nineteenth Century, with Special Reference to the Period 1650-1720: B. A. Holderness. Acknowledgements.


J. A. Chartres is Professor of Business and Economics at the University of Leeds.
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