The Word Order of the Gospel of Luke: Its Foregrounded Messages

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This work studies the word order of the Gospel of Luke and some of its prominent messages with consideration of systemic functional linguistic theories.


Part I; Introduction; Introduction; Chapter 1; Recent Studies of the Topic of Word Order; Chapter 2; Studying Word Order of Luke: A Methodological Consideration. Part II; Unmarked Word Orders of the Gospel of Luke; Chapter 3; Relative Positions of Main Constituents in Lukan Clauses; Chapter 4; The Positions of Circumstantial Adjuncts in Lukan Clauses; Part III; Marked Word Orders of the Gospel of Luke and Foregrounded Messages; Chapter 5; Indirect Speeches in Luke and the Disciples' Understanding of Jesus; Chapter 6; Handing Over Jesus: A Consideration of Pilate's Action Through the Clause Structures in Luke 23.1-25; Appendix 6A: Incidents of REJ(C)P and RSC(J)P in Acts; Appendix 6B: The CP Order in Luke 23.16, 22 and 22.54; Chapter 7; Temporal Clause Complexes and Foregrounded Messages in Luke Two; Chapter 8; Given-New Information Units in Luke 22.24-38 and its Prominent Messages; Conclusion; Appendix; Distributions of the Word Orders in Lukan Clauses; Bibliography.


Ivan Shing Chung Kwong is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at the Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong.
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