Exercise-Induced Acute Renal Failure

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This monograph provides in-depth information on exercise-induced acute renal failure after short-term anaerobic exercise, which causes severe pain in the loin and patchy renal ischemia with no sign of rhabdomyolysis. This complete clinical reference book includes characteristics of the disease, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, and corresponding preventive measures. It also includes important information on gene analysis and etiology.


Chapter 1. Exercise related acute renal failure (1)Description regarding exercise related acute renal failure (2) Myoglobinuria-related/non-myoglobinuria-related acute renal failure Chapter 2. Exercise-induced acute renal failure (ALPE) (1) The first patient in whom wedge-shaped patchy renal ischemia was demonstrated (2) Our series in the initial phase Chapter 3. Wedge-shaped patchy renal ischemia (1) Visualization of residual contrast medium on delayed CT with respect to the interval from administration of contrast medium (assessment of regional kidney function) (2) Interpretation of wedge-shaped renal lesions (3) Administration of contrast medium in the presence of acute renal failure (4) Visualization of wedge-shaped lesions by bone scan with MDP and MRI Chapter 4. Definition of exercise-induced acute renal failure (ALPE) (1) Criteria for typical ALPE: (2) Non-typical cases Chapter 5. Our series (22 patients) (1)Patient characteristics (2)Delayed CT, MRI, and bone scan with MDP (3)Kidney biopsy Chapter 6. Summary of 155 patients collected from the literature (1) Background (2) Findings on the initial consultation and laboratory data (3) Renal hypouricemia (4)Imaging findings (wedge-shaped patchy renal ischemia) (5)Kidney biopsy (6)Relapse Chapter 7. Exercise (1)Type of exercise (2)Anaerobic exercise (3)Involvement of type II muscle fibers Chapter 8. Loin pain (1) Timing of onset and duration (2) Sites and features of pain (3) Mechanism involved in pain Chapter 9. Renal hypouricemia (1)Serum creatinine and uric acid levels (2) Comparison of patients with and without renal hypouricemia (3) Reasons for a high incidence of ALPE in patients with renal hypouricemia (4)Reason why patients with renal hypouricemia frequently develop ALPE and its mechanism Chapter 10. Gene analysis of uric acid transporter (URAT1) (1) URAT1 gene analysis in patients with renal hypouricemia who developed ALPE Chapter 11. Risk factors other than renal hypouricemia (1)Exercise in the presence of a cold (2)Administration of antipyretic analgesic agents before exercise (3)Exercise in the presence of dehydration Chapter 12. Etiology/pathogenesis (1) Hypothesis regarding the development of exercise-induced acute renal failure (ALPE) (2) Investigation of serum specific markers (SDS-PAGE, proteomics) (3) Investigation of oxidative stress markers (4)Exercise load test (5) Preparation of wedge-shaped patchy renal ischemia in an animal experiment (6) Verification of hypotheses Chapter 13. Diagnosis (1) Initially suspected disorders (2) Diagnosis of ALPE (3) Differentiation of ALPE from myoglobinuria-related acute renal failure (4) Necessity of visualizing wedge-shaped patchy renal ischemia Chapter 14. Treatment (1) Treatment (2) Cautions Chapter 15. Course and prognosis (1) Interval required until improvement in kidney function (2) Prognosis, patients undergoing hemodialysis Chapter 16. Prevention (1)Preventive methods (2)Cautions for elementary and junior/senior high schools Chapter 17. Conclusion


From the reviews:
"This book focuses on exercise-induced acute renal failure (ALPE), describing the condition in great detail including clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Pertinent reviews of the literature as well as multiple tables, figures, and images are provided throughout the text. ... The author identifies emergency room physicians, nephrologists, general practitioners, and sports medicine physicians as his target audience. However, the book may be most appealing and pertinent to readers with a particular interest in nephrology." (Chris A. Klenck, Doody's Review Service, August, 2007)
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