When I Was Born

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September 2010



All children love to hear the story of how they arrived in the world. "When I Was Born" revisits the adventure of discovering the world for the first time. Breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting, and touch are encountered afresh in this beautifully illustrated, poetic tale, reintroducing readers to the richness and delight of life. Children and adults alike will love award-winning illustrator Madalena Matoso's colorful and touching images, accompanied by a text that is ideal for reading aloud.
"This small gem by a Portuguese duo celebrates the wonder of mere existence." -"Publishers Weekly"


Isabel Minhos Martins is a Portuguese author of poetry, children's books, magazines, comic books and scripts for animations. Madalena Matoso is an award-winning illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal, whose quirky and graphically striking imagery saw her win Portugal's coveted National Prize of Illustration in 2008.
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