Spirituality and Intellectual Disability

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Mai 2002



Scholars and clinicians from around the world discuss the importance of spirituality and religion in supports and services for people with intellectual disabilities. The 13 contributions represent a variety of religious and cultural perspectives and address such topics as disabled women in Islam, te


Foreword Preface I. Healing Mind, Body, and Soul: Theoretical Foundations for Understandings of Spiritual Health for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Recognition of Spirituality in Health Care: Personal and Universal Implications Authenticity in Community: Theory and Practice of an Inclusive Anthropology in Care for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Defining and Assessing Spirituality and Spiritual Supports: A Rational for Inclusion in Theory and Practice II. Spirituality and Intellectual Disability Around the World: Cultural and Religious Perspectives on Healing Mind, Body, and Soul Judaism and the Person with Intellectual Disability Islam and the Person with Intellectual Disability Disabled Women in Islam: Middle Eastern Perspective Cultural/Spiritual Attributions as Independent Variables in the Development of Identity and Potential for Persons of Exceptionality: A Case Study of North American Christianity and Native American Religious Influence Open Wide the Doors to Christ: Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and the Roman Catholic Church III. Bringing Science Into Spirituality: Research and Practice Spiritual Health and Persons with Intellectual Disability: A Review Teaching Jewish Mentally-Retarded Youngsters Holiday Awareness Through Symbols IV. From Theory and Theology to Practice: Creative Ways of Facilitating Spiritual Health Liturgical Celebration with People with a Severe Mental Disability: Giving the Gospel Hands and Feet The Benefits of Jewish Mourning Rituals for the Grieving Individual with Intellectual Disabilities Bridge Ministries for Disability Concerns: A Community Ministry Model Index Reference Notes Included
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