Carved Flesh Cast Selves

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Januar 1993



This volume, the first comprehensive overview of Scandinavian cross-cultural research on gender issues in the English language, addresses fundamental analytical issues currently debated within international feminist anthropology and beyond. Offering examples from a wide range of ethnographic settings, the essays show that gender comprises far more than sexual relationships: it takes on political significance insofar as it influences the distribution of resources and access to public and domestic spheres, to knowledge and to power.


V. Broch-Due and I. Rudie, Carved Flesh/Cast Selves: An Introduction - M. Strathern, Making Incomplete - V. Broch-Due, Making and Meaning out of Matter: Perceptions of sex, gender and bodies among the Turkana - A. Talle, Transforming Women into 'Pure' Agnates: Aspects of Female Infibulation in Somalia - A. S rum, Encountering Femininity: The ontogenesis of Bedamini male selves - S. Lund Skar, Marry the Land, Divorce the Man: Quechua Marriage and the Problem of Individual Autonomy - T. Borchgrevink and J. Solheim, A Rotten Text? Gender, Food and Interpretation - I. Rudie, The Ritual work of Malay marriage as a field of debate - K. Sandborg, Malay Dress Symbolism - K. Ask, Ishq aur Mohabbat: Ideas about love and friendship in a northern Pakistani community - K. Siverts, I Did Not Marry Properly: The Meaning of Marriage Payments in Southern Mexico - M. Melhuus, I Want to Buy Me A Baby!: Some Reflections on Gender and Change in Modern Society - T. Bleie, The Search for Androgyny: Tracking Some of its Roots and Versions


Vigdis Broch-Due I. Rudie Department of Social Anthropology,University of Oslo Tone Bleie Chair, Michelsen's Institute, Bergen


'... advances the theoretical discourse on the anthropology of the body ... is also intriguing because it introduces the reader to the 'hotbed' of Norwegian thought on gender.' Folk 'There is something for everyone here and reading the volume in sequence, rather than dipping into individual chapters, was an unusually pleasurable experience. The changing foci and styles produced its own rhythm, engaging the attention and maintaining the reader's interest as a complex theoretical argument would be superseded by a more descriptive and evocative ethnographic account. [...] In allowing us access to contemporary Norwegian anthropology it is a most welcome contribution and in providing further studies of gender it should prove a useful resource for both teachers and students of sociology and anthropology.' Journal of Gender Studies
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