Christianity and the African Imagination: Essays in Honour of Adrian Hastings

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November 2001



The book charts Christianity's advance in Africa, exploring how African agents (priests, prophets, martyrs, missionaries) made the religion their own. It shows Christianity empowering Africans, through faith, to deal with concerns for health and wealth, and overcoming evil. It demonstrates how Christianity captured the African imagination.


D. Maxwell, Ph.D. in History, St Antony's College, Oxford University is Senior Lecturer in International History at Keele University. Is the author of Christians and Chiefs in Zimbabwe. A Social History of the Hwesa People c.1870s-1990s (Edinburgh University Press/International African Library; Connecticut, Praeger 1999) and he is the Senior Editor of the Journal of Religion in Africa (Brill). I. Lawrie, BA in Jurisprudence, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford is Administrative Officer at the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Leeds, England. She is Editorial Assistant and Reviews Editor of the Journal of Religion in Africa and Assistant Editor of The Oxford Companion to Christian Thought (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2000).


'"Facing competition within the religious market-places of the world has ... always been the lot of both the missionaries and the churches they have helped to establish, with or without the spur of capitalist economics. That this was the case owes much to the African imagination; that it is now widely accepted is likewise the achievement of Adrian Hastings and the wider scholarship represented in this excellent volume." Andrew Porter, King's College.
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