Challenging Perspectives

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Concerns for physical stormwater infrastructure must be investigated and resolved in relation to stakeholder perspectives. In this book Ines Winz shows based on her doctoral research that perspectives in urban stormwater management are diverse and conflicting. Three perspectives are contrasted: traditional, low impact design and community-based management. To date, the most dominant perspectives in stormwater management have been based on a linear and technocratic worldview that have often ignored the perspectives of other stakeholders. None of the perspectives in themselves will lead to sustainable management outcomes. Rather, opportunities for integration need to be seized. Environmentally friendly solutions in stormwater management are currently advocated by public institutions across the world, but their implementation is hindered by the existence of manifold barriers which are shown to interact systemically to maintain the current situation and undermine change. Two methods are introduced that reduce complexity and uncertainty in stormwater management systemically, thereby guiding managers towards appropriate starting points for policy interventions.


Ines Winz graduated with a Masters of Operations Research (Hons) in 2005 and a PhD in Environmental Management in 2010, both at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her professional interests are systems research in environmental management particularly system dynamics, systems thinking and participative methods of inquiry.
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