Fundamentals of Grain and Interphase Boundary Diffusion

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This book is the first comprehensive treatise of one of the key physical processes occurring in various materials at elevated temperatures. The book provides essential background information for materials scientists, metallurgists, solid state physicists and semiconductor technologists carrying out research or development in this and related areas. The first and second editions of the book were published by the University of Stuttgart in 1988 and 1989. In the present third edition the book has been updated and essentially enlarged to cover all recent developments in the area of grain and interphase boundary diffusion. The reader will find more than 100 new text pages, 60 new figures and 100 new references. This unique book is strongly recommended as a textbook for students as well as a reference book for physicists, chemists, metallurgists and engineers.


Analytical Models of Grain Boundary Diffusion. Diffusion Along Dislocations and Small-Angle Grain Boundaries. Grain Boundary Diffusion in Thin Films. Diffusion Along Migrating Grain Boundaries. Structural Effects on and Mechanisms of Grain Boundary Diffusion. Experimental Methods for Determination of Grain Boundary Diffusion Data. Index.
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