Extensive Reading In The Teaching Of English In Primary Schools

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Januar 2015



Extensive reading as an approach to teaching is highly recommended in teaching and learning of English. It offers language input necessary for the learning of English therefore giving promise of improving the quality of teaching and learning especially at the foundational stage (primary school). This work takes into cognizance the worrying trend in achievement in English in primary schools in Kenya. Thus, this work captures the practical application of Extensive reading in primary schools in Nyakach district, Kenya. This work highlights areas of concern that would be of interest to policy makers, administrators, lecturers, researchers, teachers, students and parents.


The author is a PhD candidate in Pedagogy (English language and literature) at Maseno University.He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nairobi, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education in English and literature from Maseno University, a Master of Education degree in English Education from Moi University Kenya. He is a language educator
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