Foreign Direct Investment: Theory, Evidence and Practice

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Januar 2002



Foreign direct investment is an important issue that has attracted the attention of academic and professional economists as well as politicians and policy makers. In Foreign Direct Investment , Imad A. Moosa presents a survey of the vast body of literature and ideas relating to foreign direct investment that will be invaluable as a reference work for all these groups. He provides concise definition and analysis of the theories behind foreign direct investment, and considers factors affecting its implementation. The impact of foreign direct investment on economic development, host countries and the growth of multinationals, together with methods for evaluating foreign direct investment projects are discussed. The book is based on the experiences of and the empirical evidence pertaining to foreign direct investment in a large number of countries, and includes case studies on specific projects.


Preface Introduction and Overview Theories of Foreign Direct Investment The Effects of Foreign Direct Investment International Capital Budgeting Country Risk and Political Risk International Taxation International Cost of Capital and Capital Structure Transfer Pricing Control and Performance Evaluation Concluding Remarks References Index


IMAD A. MOOSA is currently Professor of Finance at La Trobe University, Australia, prior to which he lectured at the University of Sheffield, UK. Before entering academia, he worked as a professional economist and investment banker for over ten years when he was involved in foreign direct investment projects. He has published over 100 papers in international academic journals.
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