Network Reliability and Resilience

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September 2011



This book is devoted to the probabilistic description of the behavior of a network in the process of random removal of its components (links, nodes) appearing as a result of technical failures, natural disasters or intentional attacks. It is focused on a practical approach to network reliability and resilience evaluation, based on applications of Monte Carlo methodology to numerical approximation of network combinatorial invariants, including so-called multidimensional destruction spectra. This allows to develop a probabilistic follow-up analysis of the network in the process of its gradual destruction, to identify most important network components and to develop efficient heuristic algorithms for network optimal design. Our methodology works with satisfactory accuracy and efficiency for most applications of reliability theory to real -life problems in networks.


Theory.- Applications.


From the reviews:"The booklet is actually based on the research carried out by the authors ... . this book has been written in a reader-friendly manner so as to be of practical use and is not overloaded with abstractions and proofs. ... the students and teachers pursuing research in the area of communication reliability and reliability engineers dealing with design of communication networks would find this book very useful and helpful." (Krishna B. Misra, International Journal of Performability Engineering, Vol. 8 (3), May, 2012)
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