Love: Its Forms, Dimensions and Paradoxes

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The book is concerned with questions about love: questions about its many forms, strands and aspects, and the relation in which they stand to each other. It is concerned with the way different aspects of sexual love conflict with each other, with the way self-regard and self-interest can corrupt love, and with spiritual love and its difficulties. It seeks the views of some writers who have suggested some distinctive solutions to the existential problems that love poses in the face of its obstacles: Plato, Proust, Sartre, Freud, D.H. Lawrence, Erich Fromm, C.S. Lewis, Kierkegaard, Simone Weil and Kahlil Gibran.


Detailed Contents Acknowledgements Preface Human Togetherness and the Reality of Other People Love and Hate: Are they Opposites? Forms of Love: Emotional Maturity and Reciprocity Conflicting Aspects of Sexual Love Revisited: Can They Be Reconciled? Proust: Sexual Love and Its Longing for Union Freud on Love and Sexuality: A Critique D.H. Lawrence: Sexual Love, a Vital Relationship Between Opposites Erich Fromm on 'Love as an Art' C.S. Lewis in Four Loves: Our Natural Loves C.S. Lewis in Four Loves: Charity and the Christian Love of God Kierkegaard on the Christian Injunction to Love One's Neighbour Kierkegaard on the Works of Love Bibliography Index


ILHAM DILMAN is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wales, Swansea. He is the author of numerous philosophical books, including Morality and the Inner Life, A Study in Plato's Gorgias (1979), Quine on Ontology, Necessity and Experience (1984), A Trilogy of Freud: Freud and Human Nature (1983), Freud and the Mind (1984), Freud, Insight and Change (1988), Love and Human Separatenes (1987), Existentialist Critiques of Cartesianism (1993), Language and Reality: Modern Perspectives on Wittgenstein (1988).


"Dilman's rare combination of a keen analytical mind and a profound awareness of human experience has given us one of the better philosophical books on love." - Choice
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