Kerberos Security in a Client-ServerSystem Management Application

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Mai 2008



Heterogeneity of distributed computing systems has taken root in most companies at the end of the
last century. The effort for administration has increased dramatically due to the plurality of different
solutions for System Management. The Web Based Enterprise Management initiative establishes an
infrastructure for such kind of System Management Applications with a common and standardized
From the security point of view there is a strong need to protect these sensitive management data
from unauthorized access. The Authentication Service Kerberos provides a system for authentication
within distributed and open networks where the principle of a trusted third party is used.
This Bachelor Report gives an overview how to describe management information using the Common
Information Model and how it is embedded into the entire framework of Web Based Enterprise
Management. The Authentication Protocol Kerberos is described, which is used to enable a sophisticated
and scalable authentication mechanism for this architecture and also provides a Single-Sign-On
The integration of Kerberos into this architecture using the Generic Security Service Application
Programming Interface is analyzed and the problems between the Linux and the Windows implementation
are discussed.


He studied Information Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg and graduated with a Masters degree. Currently he is working in the development
of infotainment systems in the field of video and image processing for the aviation industry.
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