Brothers Across the Ocean: British Foreign Policy and the Origins of Anglo-American 'Special Relationship' 1900-1905

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Juli 2005



The "Special Relationship" has long been a leading feature of the international relations between the US and Britain, and never more discussed and questioned than now, following the Iraq war. But "Brothers Across the Ocean" is a unique examination into the relationship's early history, when Britain's role as a leading global power was beginning to be rivaled-and eventually eclipsed--by the US. Based on detailed examination of official and private papers, Lestyn Adams's research shows how Anglo-American diplomacy operated in such diverse regions as South America, Canada--especially the Newfoundland disputes--Hawaii, and, vitally, in the Far East. Here is the leading example of Anglo-American cooperation following the Russo-Japanese War--a conflict of global importance--setting the stage for Anglo-American cooperation throughout the twentieth century and beyond.


Iestyn Adams is a specialist in the history of Anglo-American relations and carried out his research in the School of History at the University of Leeds.


'a highly readable and authoritative account of a crucial period in relations between Britain and the United States. It makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of how exactly the transformation in those relations was achieved.' - Parliamentary Affairs
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