Some Redox Reactions of Cr(VI) and µ-oxo-bridged Diiron(III) Complex

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April 2015



The quest to understand the mechanism of redox reactions of µ-oxo-bridged iron(III) dimer was the driving force behind the investigations contained in this book. Previous reports have indicated that such complex ion can be used as a model for metalloenzymes. Adequate knowledge on mechanisms of redox reactions of such dimeric ion would give an insight into the possible role of dimeric structures in the spin reduction of iron(III) haemoproteins and porphyrins since these biomolecules are known to contain Fe-O-Fe frame work. The book describes the redox reactions of µ-oxo-bridged iron(III) dimeric ion with oxy-anions (sulphite , metabisulphite), benzenediols (1,2-benzendiol and 1,3-benzendiol) and thiols (L-cysteine and mercaptoacetic acid). The book also contain reports on the kinetic investigations of reduction of Cr(VI) by diols (butane-1,3-diol and 2-methylpentane-2,4-diol) and a triol (propane-1,2,3-triol). Mechanisms consistent with the experimental findings are also proposed.


Sulaiman Ola Idris,PhD was educated at Ahmadu Bello University(ABU), Zaria,Nigeria.He joined the services of ABU in 1999 as an Assistant Lecturer and rose to become a Reader in 2011.His research interest includes kinetics and mechanisms of redox reactions of inorganic compounds and has published many scholarly journals in this area.
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