Monitoring Ecological Change

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Ian Spellerberg presents a practical introduction to how changes in living communities are measured and monitored. After describing the relevance and growth of ecological monitoring and the programs and organizations involved, this book presents the science of ecological monitoring in respect to spatial scales, temporal scales, indicators and indices. The later part of the book provides an assessment of methods and monitoring in practice, including many international case-study examples. First Edition Hb (1991): 0-521-36662-3 First Edition Pb (1991): 0-521-42407-0


Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Ecological monitoring; 2. Environmental monitoring programmes and organizations; 3. State of the environment reporting and ecological monitoring; 4. Biological scales and spatial scales in ecological monitoring; 5. Biological indicators and indices; 6. Diversity and similarity indices; 7. Planning and designing ecological monitoring; 8. Community-based ecological monitoring; 9. Ecological monitoring of species and biological communities; 10. Ecological monitoring and environmental impact assessments; Appendix 1. Acronyms used in the text; Appendix 2. The 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity; References; Index.


Ian Spellerberg is Professor of Nature Conservation at Lincoln University, New Zealand and Director of the University's Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation.


'... excellent and well written book ... the second edition of Monitoring Ecological Change is the equal of the first in accessibility, clarity and comprehensiveness. ... This highly technical and often complex subject matter is rendered clear and accessible ... this is a timely and useful addition to the literature. Spellerberg has managed to improve on an already impressive piece of work and I am sure it will be read, reread, and used by undergraduate and postgraduate students, practitioners, and fellow academics.' Biologist 'I recommend this book as introductory teaching tool mainly for the undergraduate and graduate students and also for research fellows and practitioners as it offers a profound insight into the science and practice of ecological monitoring, considering different levels of biodiversity and including examples from a wide range of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.' Phytocoenologia
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