Revolution in Psychology: Alienation to Emancipation

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August 2007



Leading psychologist argues we need to revolutionise the discipline.


AcknowledgementsIntroduction 1 What is psychology? Meet the family 2 Psychology as ideology: Individualism explained 3 Psychology at work: Observation and regulation of alienated activity 4 Pathologising dissent: Exploitation isolated and ratified 5 Material interests: The manufacture of distress 6 Spiritless conditions: Regulating therapeutic alternatives 7 Professional empowerment: Good citizens 8 Historical, personal and political: Psychology and revolution 9 Commonsense: Psychological culture on the left10 Elements of opposition: Psychological struggles now11 Transitional demands: Taking on psychology 12 What next? Reading and resources Notes References Index


Ian Parker is Professor of Psychology in the Discourse Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he is managing editor of 'Annual Review of Critical Psychology'.' He is a member of Psychology Politics Resistance, which is now part of the Asylum collective. He has produced seventeen books, including The Crisis in Modern Social Psychology, and how to end it (1989), Qualitative Psychology: Introducing Radical Research (2005) and Slavoj Zizek: A

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