The Ducati 860, 900 and Mille Bible

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April 2008



Subtitled, "All Models 1975 To 1986". Illustrated with 200 photos.


Chapter 1 860 development;
Chapter 2 1975. 860 GT, 750 and 900 SS;
Chapter 3 1976. 860 GTS, 750 and 900 SS;
Chapter 4 1977 860 GTS, 900 SD, 750 and 900 SS;
Chapter 5 1978 900 GTS, 900 SD, 750 and 900 SS;
Chapter 6 1979 900 GTS, 900 SD, 900 SSD, 900 SS, 900 MHR;
Chapter 7 1980 900 SD, 900 SSD, 900 SS, 900 MHR;
Chapter 8 1981-83 900 SD, 900 SS, 900 MHR, 900 S2;
Chapter 9 1984-86 900s and Mille MHR and S2.


One of the world's foremost motorcycle historians, Ian Falloon is the author of more than twenty books on motorcycles. These titles include the The Ducati 750 Bible, Ducati Story, Moto Guzzi Story, Honda Story, Kawasaki Story, BMW Story, Moto Guzzi Sport Bible and Laverda Twin and Triple Bible. He has a small collection of classic sporting motorcycles, including a 1975 Ducati 900 Super Sport. A freelance contributor a number of motorcycle magazines around the world, Ian Falloon was born in New Zealand but currently lives in Australia with his wife Miriam, and sons Ben and Tim


Rapid Bikes, November 2008
Australian magazine
There is a certain amount of romance that surrounds Ducati and this was never more prevalent than in the '70s. Ian Falloon takes the reader through the 860, 900 and Mille models. Each model has a special story behind it like the time Mike Hailwood ground the exhaust header pipe almost to dust during his stint on the Moreparts 750SS that he shared with Jim Scaysbrook during the 1977 Castrol 6 Hour. The book also takes an in-depth look at the early to mid '80s Ducatis like the Mille 1000 S2 with its unique color scheme and bright red fork legs. Ian has laced the pages with engine blueprints as well as individual model specs. If you have Ducati blood in your veins, 'The Ducati Bible, ' by Ian Falloon is the book for you!
Review by Ian Kerr for, 2008
UK biker website
What can you say about any book written by Ian Falloon, other than it does exactly what it says it will do, give you lots of information in a very readable style and you never end up disappointed. In 2006 Fallon (and Veloce publishing) gave us the 'Ducati 750 Bible, ' now two years on he has turned his attention to the larger machines. You could of course argue that this book is purely for the owner of these now iconic motorcycles. However, like many of his books, despite it giving all the facts and figures an owner requires, it still ends up as a good, general read as well. You learn about the development, the people behind it and the racing heritage. Twenty-plus books to his credit, the Antipodean motorcycle historian knows how to put across the story, helped by using superb color and period black and white plates to illustrate the text. Even if you have owned one of these bikes, or just read every word about a particular bike you have lusted after, such as the Hailwood Replica, you will still learn a lot from the 160 pages. A with all Veloce publications it is a top quality hardback that is well worth the $
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