Measuring the Natural Environment: Second Edition

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Februar 2007



Cosiderably expanded new edition of a comprehensive survey of environmental measurement techniques.


Acknowledgements; 1. Basics; 2. Radiation; 3. Temperature; 4. Humidity; 5. Wind; 6. Barometric pressure; 7. Evaporation; 8. Precipitation; 9. Soil moisture and groundwater; 10. Rivers and lakes; 11. Data logging; 12. Telemetry; 13. Visibility; 14. Clouds; 15. Lightning; 16. The upper atmosphere; 17. The oceans; 18. Cold regions; 19. Remote sensing; 20. Atmospheric composition; 21. Forward look; Appendix: abbreviations and acronyms; Index.


Ian Strangeways is Director of TerraData, a consultancy in meteorological and hydrological instrumentation and data collection. From 1964 to 1989 he was Head of the Instrument and Applied Physics sections at the Institute of Hydrology (Natural Environment Research Council).


'The author's intent is to provide a complete view of the practical side of collecting environmental data, so that anyone using these data will have a good understanding of their inherent limitations and errors. He has succeeded and has produced a book that should be valuable for many present and future environmental scientists ... this is an excellent handbook on environmental data acquisition. I recommend it to anyone who has a role in environmental science.' The Leading Edge 'Most meteorologists could benefit from this book ... It is well written and although aimed at a professional readership it is easy to read. I would recommend it to anyone interested in environmental sciences who needs an overview of environmental instrumentation.' Weather 'The book will be of use to lecturers and supervisors in academe who need to give students a rapid learning curve prior to field experiments and projects. Its style is appealing to those with little prior knowledge.' International Journal of Climatology '... a useful basic primer for beginners in the field of environmental monitoring, such as a postgraduate student embarking on a research plan.' Progress in Environmental Science 'The book is highly recommendable ... very well written, concise and clear.' Environmental Geology 'This book offers a modern and complex approach to the measuring of the natural environment.' Ognjen Bonacci, Hydrological Sciences Journal 'It gives a good overview over the large variety of techniques without demanding mathematical skills. ... digestible for a large audience. ... the book can be recommended to people in the field of weather observation and hydrology.' Meteorologische Zeitschrift 'This ... book ... provides easily-accessible information about the collection of environmental data. All aspects of the measurement process are considered ... The author has done an excellent job of setting the scene and providing sufficient information for the ... readers. The text is well-written and easy to follow, even for non-specialists. ... I recommend this book to anybody involved in the collection or use of environmental data ...' Weather
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