The Reduced History of Sex: The Blow-By-Blow Story of Fleshly Delights Squeezed Into 101 Steamy Encounters

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Mai 2008



A lot of shenanigans have gone on in the bedroom since Eve was first led astray by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and this fearless little book lays bare all the shameless antics.


Biblical excesses; * Roman orgies; * Medieval msdemeanours; * Restoration romps; * Victorian capers; * Belle Epoque oh la la; * Rip-roaring Twenties; * Swinging Sixties; * Seventies boogie nights; * Eighties hedonism; * Naughty Noughties; * and much more.


Iain Spragg is the author of The Reduced History of Rugby. He lives in London and knows all the verses of "Four and Twenty Virgins Came Down from Inverness". Tony Husband is an award-winning cartoonist and writer. He is famous for his cartoons in Private Eye. He lives in Cheshire, and has a substantial collection of etchings, if you'd like to go up and seem them sometime.

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