Kant and the Role of Pleasure in Moral Action

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September 2008



In "Kant and the Role of Pleasure in Moral Action," Iain Morrisson offers a new view on Kant's theory of moral action. In a clear, straightforward style, Morrisson responds to the ongoing interpretive stalemate by taking an original approach to the problem. Whereas previous commentators have attempted to understand Kant's feeling of respect by studying the relevant textual evidence in isolation, Morrisson illuminates this evidence by determining what Kant's more general theory of action commits him to regarding moral action. In reconstructing a unified theory of action in Kant, Morrisson integrates a number of distinct elements in his practical philosophy. "Kant and the Role of Pleasure in Moral Action "is part of a new wave of interest in Kant's anthropological (that is, psychological) works.


Iain P. D. Morrisson is an instructional assistant professor in the Honors College at the University of Houston. He has published numerous articles on Kant and Nietzsche, including pieces in the "Southern Journal of Philosophy and History of Philosophy Quarterly."
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